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The Road to Rainhill – 7 weeks to go!

I am far from the best at anything I do, but I make sure that no one is ever able to accuse me of not working hard enough.

That right there, is pretty much my life motto.  I’m pretty good at some things, overwhelmingly average at a lot and just downright terrible at others.  But I will never not give something my all.  Honestly, sometimes I wish I could just half arse things.  Just let it go, forget about it.  Be happy with not trying.  I don’t know whether it’s a good or a bad thing, but something is hardwired in my brain to not let that happen.  It’s just who I am.  I mean, if you’re not going to give it 100% then why bother?  I’m definitely an ‘all or nothing’ kind of gal.

Anyway, ever since I started CrossFit the biggest competition that I’ve heard people talk about is the rainhill trials.  It’s pretty much the London marathon of the CrossFit world – heavily oversubscribed and the only way in is through the ballot.

Now even though I enjoy it immensely, CrossFit is still one of those things that I am overwhelmingly average at (some would say below average but I’m really trying to work hard at having more confidence in myself at the minute!).  I’ve made huge progress since I started 16 months ago and I’m hitting PBs on my lifts on a regular basis – but trust me when I tell you my numbers are far from special (they are however, special to me and I always celebrate my little victories and take pride in them)

Yes – I really did run off in the middle of a competitive workout to go and ring the PB bell!

So why would someone like me be talking about a competition?  Well, the rainhill trials is one of the only major competitions to be ‘beginner friendly’.  For most competitions you need to complete qualifying workouts and only the best will get in.  For this one, you enter via a ballot (no matter what your ability) and if you get drawn, you’re in! You then do some seeding workouts so you’ll be placed in a category with people of similar ability.

I entered said ballot a couple of months ago and didn’t get in.  I was disappointed.  But last month I received an email that set my heart racing – someone had withdrawn and my name had been selected to take their place.

Cue a flood of terrifying thoughts and I naturally wanted to decline the place as I felt waaaay out of my comfort zone.  But then why the hell did I even apply if I was just going to turn down a place?!  So I put on my big girl pants and paid for my ticket before I got chance to chicken out.

And so I have seven weeks to improve.  Because for me, this is all about the journey.  The road to rainhill.  Anything could happen on the day and I might very well finish in last place – someone has to.  But I know I’ll be much stronger and fitter for going through this process.  Just like when I set myself ambitious race times for running.  Sometimes I smash them, sometimes I don’t.  But I’m always a better runner for having a go.  Those weeks of training along the way don’t just get discounted if you have a bad day.

Things helping me along the way

My hands are a real mess at the moment.  My skin is dry and I have bad rips and callouses.  I bought an inbitz handpack to see if that would help and I swear that their hand balm has been sent to earth from Jesus – it is literally heaven in a pot.  I’d highly recommend it and the pot lasts for ages (the balm is really thick so you only need to apply a small amount).


Because everyone shaves their hands, yes?

Get The Label – a new online shop selling designer gym wear at bargain prices.  The prices are surprisingly low, even for brands such as Reebok, Adidas and Nike.  They were kind enough to send me some kit and I immediately fell in love with the Reebok leggings –

They’re a great fit, with added reflective patches on the seams and ventilation behind the knees, which comes in handy for gym workouts as well as outdoor runs.  Bonus points for also having a handy key pocket at the back.

I was also sent a Reebok Crossfit t-shirt and a vest – both of which I’ve worn in the open workouts so far and they’ve definitely brought me some luck!



I’ve got some goals I want to try and work towards over the next seven weeks, but the biggest thing for me to work on will be confidence.  If the past few weeks have taught me anything, it’s that sometimes the only thing holding me back is me.