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A Break in the Lakes – Seasonstrail Review

I know it might seem that we’ve not been long home since our honeymoon, but to us it feels like a lifetime ago and we couldn’t wait for a short break and a change of scenery to recharge the batteries.  And so we decided to spontaneously pack our bags and head off to one of our favourite places – the Lake District.

Incidentally, our first little holiday as a couple was in Ambleside three and a half years ago.  It was lovely to return as husband and wife – we even ate in the same restaurant!

A couple of weeks before we left for our trip, I was contacted by Seasonstrail to try out their new kit.  You pick four items of clothing (for women – a sports bra, a base layer, an outer layer and leggings) and you can see how each bit of kit looks on the model and build your own running wardrobe.

I don’t mind admitting I was a little bit wary at first.  I’ve seen other companies try the whole ‘buy a complete outfit’ scheme and the kit always seems a bit below par.  I was very happy to be proved wrong with seasonstrail.


I was very glad to have my kit with me in the Lakes.  Not just for running, but I used them as base layers under my walking kit as the weather was so cold and wet.  I completely forgot I had my leggings on underneath my trousers as they fit like a glove (no one wants saggy leggings!).  The long sleeved base layer was fantastic as the arms hug you close but the torso has a little more room which means it doesn’t ride up as you run.  I’ve lost count of the amount of expensive base layers I can’t wear for running anymore because they constantly ride up and I have to stop and re-adjust myself every half mile as I’m flashing the whole world and his dog my stomach!


Long sleeved base layer with leggings (photo credit: Martin Pearson)

You can tell the kit has been designed with practicality at the forefront – the leggings have a discreet key pocket at the back which keeps a decent sized house or car key snug.  I’ll never understand why sports clothing manufacturers would ever design leggings without anywhere to put your key?  The leggings are also relatively high-waisted and very flattering.

All the material is moisture-wicking and anti-chafe and just feels comfortable on your skin.  But the best bit – thumb loops!  They’re on both the long sleeved base layer and the hoodie.  Perfect for those colder runs and again stops the sleeves from riding up.


Sports bra with the leggings


The outer layer also has reflective strips on the seams to keep you safe and make sure you’re seen in the dark.  It also has the same thumb loops as the base layer, toggles to adjust the hood, zipped pockets and a smaller inner pocket to stop things like coins jiggling around as you run.

Literally every single thing has been thought about.  The customer service I received was fantastic and they also offer free delivery and free returns.  Cost-wise, the a full four-piece outfit is £100 – however they are currently offering a 20% discount, so £80 for a full running outfit.  I’d be the first to say that something is over-priced if that’s what I think but I do genuinely believe this is good value taking into account the quality of the kit.  (I’m not sure about £100 though….that might be a tad steep).  I can imagine that some people may think the style is a little plain, but personally I love the fact that you can mix and match all of the gear.  I’d take practical things like thumb loops, comfort and zip pockets over a jazzy pattern any day!

Full Disclosure:  I was sent the full kit for free in return for my own review and honest opinions.  I have received no financial compensation for this post but I am a genuine fan of the brand and what they stand for.