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Catching Up

This little blog has far from a wide-reaching audience but it would appear my recent online absence has been noted and commented upon (mostly by my boyfriend and my Dad but still, I’ve been missed!).

Half-way through the summer I took the decision to forget about racing for the forseeable future.  Life was becoming frantic and the local races were starting to creep up to twice a week and to be honest, it just became stressful (who knew that organising a wedding involving three different locations in less than eleven months would take up so much time?!).  And at the end of the day running is just my hobby and if it stops being enjoyable, well…..it’s time to find a new hobby.

One of my last races of the summer, celebrating a win along with my Dad and team mate, Nic.

One of my last races of the summer, celebrating a win along with my Dad and team mate, Nic.

I didn’t stop running completely though – I think I would become slightly unstable if I did that!  I’ve just really enjoyed running as and when I feel like it.  No targets, no races – simply running for the love of running.  Because it really doesn’t always have to be about chasing a time or moving up to a particular distance.  Yes, I’ve definitely lost a lot of speed and quite a bit of endurance but hey, everyone needs a break and I certainly feel better for it.  And anytime the questions about dresses/hair/jewellery/shoes/music/bands/venue got a little overwhelming, I just went out for a pootle or headed to the gym and returned clear-headed and care-free again.

So here’s a few highlights of my summer:

100 parkruns

I’ve mentioned my Dad a few times on the blog before.  At the end of June we both completed our 100th parkrun together (I may have waited for a few weeks for him to catch up!).  It was a brilliant day and we spent the whole run side by side, chatting about all of our previous runs together.

Smiling all the way! (Photo credit: David Belshaw)

Smiling all the way! (Photo credit: David Belshaw)

Nothing says "100 parkruns" like cake! (Photo credit: David Belshaw)

Nothing says “100 parkruns” like cake! (Photo credit: David Belshaw)









Unfortunately I’m still waiting for the coveted ‘100’ t-shirt despite completing the run in June.  I’ve asked parkrun UK about it who were not willing to come forward with a reason.  They originally said they were hoping to place an order in October, although Wiggle have now stated they were hoping for November.  I won’t hold my breath!  It’s wonderful that they offer free milestone t-shirts, but personally I’d be very happy to pay for it than waiting for a free one and surely that would resolve the issue?

Time Out

We took a short break at the end of July to have a bit of fun in Southport and to tackle the highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike (after a very heavy night on the lash!)



It's impossible to be sad on a mountain!

It’s impossible to be sad on a mountain!











Tough Mudder

I’ve never really been one for obstacle races but when my friend suggested doing one as a group for her 30th birthday, I couldn’t resist.  It was actually loads of fun and although expensive, we had a brilliant day and I wouldn’t hesitate to do another.


Hen Do!

I had an amazing four-day weekend with friends and family in Penrith.  We had the perfect combination of outdoor activities, alcohol and hot tubs.

prosecco makes pull-ups easier!

prosecco makes pull-ups easier!

Segway time!

Segway time!

A comeback race

I had a rare free weekend and couldn’t resist a go at a local 10k trail race towards the end of September.  It was lovely and a massive confidence boost to come away with a win, but the number of entries was very low so I’m not really counting it.  Was a lovely little trophy though!


And of course in between all that little lot, we’ve planned (what we’re really hoping will be) a cracking wedding and honeymoon.  Right now I’m just continuing to enjoy exercise and do it as and when I find the time.  I’m surprisingly looking forward to winter and just getting some steady base miles in.  Oh and of course the occasional parkrun.  Look out for a tiny runaway bride on Saturday morning at 9am!